Oddities of Lebanese on Vacation

In a country like Lebanon, where caution and constant vigilance is always on everyone’s mind, it is not miraculous that we have learnt to spot foreigners in our country. Especially as their dress code and hair color are so unlike our own. I always find it amusing watching the tourists tour around. They look at […]

The Double Personality of A Middle-Eastern Girl

After Eid has gone by, I have started to severely notice the marked difference in my behavior when around family and then in the company of friends and colleagues. What is the most astonishing however, is how easy this transformation occurs. From a professional businesswoman in the city (not that I have been the entrepreneur […]

Ladies of the Coffee Rakwe

An elemental process of being acknowledged as a proper woman in Lebanon is learning how to make coffee. This integral part of a Lebanese woman’s identity is passed down from generation to generation, mother to daughter, with the utmost secrecy and tact. Only a choice few men are allowed access to this sacred knowledge and […]